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Comprehensive procurement solutions

Kitchen equipment

Equip your kitchen with  tools and appliances to make cooking and preparation a breeze.


Upgrade your space with our elegant furniture pieces that offer both style and comfort.

Room supplies

From linens to toiletries, we have everything you need to make your guests feel at home.


Make your space look great with our selection of decorative items that add a personal touch.


Maintain a clean and organized space with our housekeeping products  perfect for any business.


Set the mood and create a welcoming ambiance with our architectural lighting products.

Small ware

From cutlery to serving utensils, our small ware products are designed to make your life easier.

Common areas

Elevate your common areas with our selection of high-quality furniture and décor pieces.

Food & beverages

Keep your guests satisfied with our wide range of high-quality food and beverage products.


Make a statement at your next event with our banquet and convention products that are sure to impress.

Glass & silverware

Impress your guests with our elegant glassware and silverware that adds a touch of sophistication to your event

Back of the house

Top-quality products for the back of the house, including equipment and supplies for food preparation and storage.

“Working with them was a pleasure. They strive to do a quality job, and their dedication to their customers is admirable.”
Ana Silva
Procurement Director - Hotel Brasil
“Working together was an absolute pleasure. The dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is unmatched. I highly recommend them for any project.”
John Johnson,
CEO - ABC Resorts
“Our partnership has been invaluable to us. Their talented team, consistently produces unique and innovative service that meet or exceed our high-quality standards.”
Jane Portnoy
Senior Vice President - IHJ

Frequently asked questions

We handle the entire procurement process, from planning to on-site visits, supplier contracts, and daily supervision. We ensure your project meets your standards while keeping the budget in check.

Our experienced procurement team guides you through tracking details, ensuring operations have everything they need. We suggest homologations for each country and manage standards to guarantee quality.

Yes, we partner with you and your in-house team to assist with everything from early budget development to sourcing and value engineering. Our team is an extension of your team, providing design assistance.

Yes, our senior-level team provides full-service procurement, including schedule development, cost analysis, value engineering, project accounting, installation, and more.

OS&E procurement involves the sourcing and delivery of operational supplies and equipment for hotels. Our experienced procurement team manages standards, suggests homologations for each country, and ensures that the budget remains realistic.


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